support departments

At like any other top-ranked firm, our solicitors can expect the full range of resources to be available to them, provided by our substantial support departments outlined below. 

In fact, we are so obsessed with removing the non-chargeable duties from our solicitors that our support for lawyers can be greater than many law firms provide. Our administrative support and commercial teams operate from our Business Services Centre in Taunton.

Accounts Team

The Accounts Team provide all of the accounting needs for your legal matters and bill your clients on a monthly basis.  The team manage credit control and cash collection from your clients so you do not have to.  The team will also prepare your draft invoices (to DJB) on your behalf.

client care team

Our dedicated team of Account Managers are responsible for all matter administration. The team take away as many of the non-chargeable duties on matters as possible, allowing our solicitors to focus on the legal work. This includes file opening, due diligence in relation to new clients and obtaining security for costs. The team assist with work allocation, liaise with lawyers to produce and send out Client Progress Reports, deal with pricing and purchases or from clients and assist in collecting client feedback.

compliance team

With representatives from a range of departments, the Compliance Team coordinate all activities relating to business compliance at DJB.

Facilities & Reception

The Facilities and Reception Team operate the firm switchboard, take calls for you and relay messages, book meeting rooms as required and can arrange couriers.  The team will also arrange your access into any of our 3 offices throughout the UK.

IT & Communications Team

The IT & Communications team maintain the firm’s IT systems and infrastructure. They will provide you with support and troubleshooting for any technical issues that you encounter whilst working for DJB. The team will manage your IT equipment and replace any items when necessary. They also provide cyber-security advice.

Lawyer Support Team

The Lawyer Support team are your first port of call for any queries you may have about your ongoing matters. Amongst other items, the Lawyer Support Team will help you:
• Liaise with the Account Managers to deal with commercial aspects of your matters;
• Manage your workload through the firm’s ‘telemetrics’ system;
• Monitor your inactive matters to ensure you remain compliant;
• Arrange for matters to be closed once you have finished the legal work; and
• Liaise with you in relation to critical dates.

Legal Support Team

Comprising of trainee Legal Executives and administrators, the Legal support Team provide assistance for solicitors on a wide range of matter-related tasks, such as:
• Registry and Local Authority Searches;
• SDLT and Land Registry registration;
• Management of deeds;
• Obtaining official copy documents from the Land Registry;
• Reprographics;
• Title queries; 
• File closure and archiving; and
• Dealings with the firms client portal.

Marketing & Business Growth Team

Our Marketing and Business Growth Team ensure the marketplace knows who we are, what we do and why we are such a great law firm.
The team work on a number of brand profile raising initiatives, produce bespoke marketing materials to assist Client Directors and Client Partners with their business development activities, and produce all tenders and bid proposals under the direction of Client Directors and Client Partners.

Secretarial team

We have a highly experienced secretarial team who provide support to all DJB solicitors. The team are available to help you with any administrative or secretarial tasks, including:
• Typing emails, letters and attendance notes from dictations or emailed instructions;
• Signing and sending letters and emails on your behalf;
• Creating and amending documents;
• Converting documents into DJB house style; and
• Managing your correspondence during periods of absence.

Technical Review Team

To ensure DJB have consistent policies and approaches towards delivering its legal services, a team of solicitors from within the firm meet frequently to discuss emerging law and practise principles so that a consistent approach can be agreed and communicated. Each member of the team has complimentary specialist areas, spanning commercial property through to property litigation and planning.
The team have developed a bespoke and collaborative tool through which all solicitors in the firm are able to raise questions or points for discussion at the Technical Review meetings. Feedback is then given as to the decisions made and agreed approaches.