Associates & Partners

100% Focus on Legal Work

Our Core Solicitor team of Associates and Partners focus entirely on their legal work, providing the highest quality legal service whilst our Client Partners and Client Directors win clients and maintain client relations, dealing with all commercial aspects.  Our Core Solicitors are unfettered by business development, client management or administrative tasks.

Our solicitor classifications are solely dependent upon an individual’s post-qualification experience.  The practising solicitors in our core legal team are not shareholders, nor do they hold management responsibilities and are not credited for their ability to generate work.  

We have the following designated solicitor roles: Partner, Associate Director and Senior Associate.  Each grade reflects a certain level of experience.

Kate Evans, Associate Director

Kate specialises in property portfolio management for both the public and private sector.  Kate joined DJB after working for Fladgate LLP, Howes Perciaval LLP and Wilson Browne Solicitors. 

Working with DJB is nothing short of a pleasure. The calibre and variety of the work and the wide-ranging list of clients is impressive and enables me to tailor my work “portfolio” to an interesting and manageable mix of complex, high value projects operating as part of a larger team and numerous smaller transactions which have enabled me to build a close relationship with clients as they build their businesses. Having a cohort of specialist colleagues at the end of the phone is invaluable to bounce ideas off and it has proved as sociable, if not more so, than a regular office – no one’s office door is ever closed! Finally the support team surrounding the lawyers makes our working life slick and efficient – the Secretarial Team, Accounts and Legal Support are outstanding and they take the administrative side of file opening, closing, search requests and post completion formalities off our plates so we can concentrate purely on the legal work.

In 2015 I was contemplating leaving the legal profession and the career I’d spent 15 years diligently building because the hours required and distance between the office and my children’s school was simply not sustainable. Had I not found DJB I am sure that I would not still be practising. Their remote working system allows me to work flexible hours and take on the right amount of matters so that I can offer a first rate service to clients and enjoy both straightforward and more challenging transactions but without ever missing a sports match, concert or play. Many of my colleagues are in the same position as myself with young children (and a demanding dog!) so we can ensure that we cover each other’s holidays effectively without any detriment to the clients. We are all well supported from the managing partners who set the tone of the firm as professional, ethical and kind – I could not imagine working anywhere else.


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